Offset Loop automatically select more than selected.

Hello guys, When I am trying to create an offset loop for something like a rectangular, It selects the entire rectangular when changed from single to loop. If I switch back and forth between single and loop, it selects lines at random.

There might be a work around but I don’t think this is a normal function.

I am on PC, with version 5.291.4676.0 #7f0ae3e7

Hi Jermine,
please take into concideration that a loop is only a loop for S3D, when the loop is closed. 3 connected lines forming a “U”-profile are no loop in this term. Despite of whether the “loop” or “single”-option is active, S3D will put the last line selected into offset. The option will only make a difference if you have a closed shape that forms an area. Then “single” will make an offset of the selected element only, “loop” will produce an offset of the whole loop (closed shape/area).
Cheers Matt

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