Offset tool longer works

The offset tool has suddenly stopped working.

The offset tool icon does its thing of highlighting when I tap it. But It doesn’t recognise the tap of the apple pen on the sketch. Doesn’t even seem to know the pen is there.

If I go to any other tool it works fine so I don’t think it’s the pen. Doesn’t work while in any sketch or drawing menu. All other tools seem to be fine.

any ideas?

Did you see the new update? Offset tool usage changed a bit. Now you select offset > click the line > an arrow appears on the line > drag the arrow. Assuming what you’re experiencing isn’t a bug that should work.

Got it. Thanks
Now working as per your advice.

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Cool! Glad that helped! :slight_smile:

Oh, and there’s 2 usages of it now. Loop and Single. You can offset connected lines now using the “loop” version! I love the latest update. :slight_smile:

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