On Color

I watched your videos and read the documentation but really could not get colors that I wanted. So, knowing nothing about colors, I spent a few hours researching the web. The problem I had with Shapr3d is that I had no reliable baseline. Once you start playing with the sliders, the situation can go downhill into frustration quickly. The following statement provides a baseline.

The purest form of color is achieved with a Saturation of 100% and a Luminosity of 50%.

With this setting, you get something close to a basic color wheel and can experiment from there with the sliders.

I think that a good feature would be to have a switch between 8 Basic Colors and Last 8 Colors Used. For example, with the 8 Basic Colors, if I always wanted the same Green, I would just pick it instead of guessing about it or color picking it. This would reduce the frustration level of potential adopters and unsophisticated users.

Color was one of the last features I used and I thought it would be easy but wasn’t so I am offering my thoughts to maybe help others. Thanks for listening.

Have you tried the color picker?

Yes I have used the color picker. But I don’t want to have to make judgements about color. I am a simple man.

Simple is always better. With shapr3d I have to simulate Simple if I just want to use the same set of Basic colors and I want these colors to always be the same. For now, this is all I want. In the future infinite select ability may be nice. And who knows if the Last Colors were really the ones I wanted…

Thanks again…

I guess I could make 8 cubes on all of my workspaces with Basic colors and then always pick from these? But isn’t that asking a bit much from a user (to simulate simple)?

I can see creating cubes with specific Pantone colors but this is more for specialty applications.