Open edges of the box

I need to show these vertical edges open 45 degrees kind of pre finished
:thinking: any clues guys :love_you_gesture:t2:?
Going from flat to 45deg then finished 90 den like the image

It’s a bit difficult to understand what you want? Do you mean that you want the sides folded at a 45 degree angle? If so you can rotate the side about an edge. But you have to decide where to rotate from; inside of material, outside of material, etc. Depending on how you do this you will get artifacts that may have to be removed by subtraction.

Hi Tom
I’m trying to put 4 corners together in a sequence image attached is of 1 end of a shoe box type system …if this can be done in one piece also trying to show the material as is 1mm plastic sheet …imagine a shoe box with the corners opened up … not the best description I’ll sketch it I think then post it ! Cheers pal

Something like this !


Here is a model of the box.

Box.shapr (456 KB)

It is not as easily done as it may look but I have done some models folding up triangular figures.


Started out with a base sketch and then extruded it up 1mm. Then I hid the shape and went back to the rectangle sketch and inset the two sides 1mm, trimmed away the front and back and then extruded them up to form a shape.



I drew the front separetely, extruded 1mm and translated it to join the base. Then drew a line down middle to use with mirror to create the back. Sorry that pix do not upload in order selected but you should get the idea.

Hope this helps…


Hi Tom
I puzzled my way and came up with this using loft tool
I’ll have a look at how you got yours done
Cheers Tom :+1:t2: