Operation Failed: Result Invalid Body error when I use shell tool

Hello all,

I am attempting to make a shell form of one of my projects that could be used as a handheld gaming console enclosure. I am having trouble with the shell tool: when I use it to shell out the two halves that I have created, I am getting an error saying that the operation failed and gave me an invalid body. This worked the first time I did it but I noticed an error and had to restart and now I can’t get back to where I was before. I have provided the .shapr file so can someone else please try and reproduce it? Thanks!

I noticed that the units were set to cm, I use to work with mm so I did the shell tool with thickness 1 that i thought was in mm (but so wasn’t the case) with the same error as you, then tried with 0.1 and it was a success :+1:t2:

Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that! Thank you so much!

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