Optimised design paradigm by starting with solids

Spent years with AutoCAD.

Rather thrilled to see Shapr3D in use on the iPad, looks fun and easy to use.

After learning about Parametric History based design coming to Shapr3D, decided to learn about about it with some Solidworks tutorials. While exciting to see many tasks automatic, where as in comparison with AutoCAD everything is highly manual operation.

The Sketching with relations/constraints seems very ridged, complicated and a concern about the issues later downstream in the design process, and the amount of sketching seems excessive and thought there has to be an easier way than this, it’'s like fighting with the app and being forced into doing it a specific way else failures occur, and one would need to be trained with best practices in mind.

This leads to discovery of IronCAD
The idea of a palette of solids dragged into the view port and model directly without starting any sketching looks like it lowers complexity, and significantly increases productivity.

I’m not sure this approach is practical on the iPad version of Shapr3D, maybe it could work IDK, but the desktop version, hrm rather beneficial, ease of use alone.

Here’s a video, 10 mins but well worth it as an eye opening experience: