Orientation cube disorienting


I have just downloaded Shapr3D for the first time. To me “top” appears to be upside down. Am I missing something?



Labels will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting


Hey Zoli. Thanks for the prompt reply.


Do I need to delete and reinstall Shapr3D to correct the labels?


It will come as an update to the app


Cool. Thanks


@Anaphora This is what I get when I open a new workspace. This seems right to me. This is using the latest version from the App Store 3.5.5.



This is what my new workspace looks like


Are you running version 3.5.5? You can find that info in the lower right corner, clicking the icon furthest right, then clicking about.

My workspace looks like your when I select the top plane. When I rotate the cube all labels are in the correct location, or at least how I perceive it to be correct.


Thanks for taking the time to reply roboticshobbyist. If I rotate the cube so that ‘top’ is the correct way up then the X and Y axes become negatives.


Open a new workspace, tap on the cube and select “top”, then you’ll find the problem.


Here is a vid:


That’s what I see as well. When I rotate the cube everything appears to be in the right spot.

Am I not understanding the issue. Or are we solel talking about the word Top being upside down.


Maybe I am talking solely about the word ‘Top’ being upside down. However I think that’s relevant. Or am I being a pedant?


If you mean the word Top being upside down then I agree 100%. I thought you meant the planes were not correct with the wording.

Sorry for any confusion. It would be nice to see the word “Top” right side up.


Thanks man. Yep, that’s what I mean - I suppose i can just flip it in my head - just seems a little disorienting and without being too emphatic ‘wrong’. Anyway…Thanks for the input.


Ah, I get it know! :slight_smile: