Orientation cube disorienting

I have just downloaded Shapr3D for the first time. To me “top” appears to be upside down. Am I missing something?


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Labels will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting

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Hey Zoli. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Do I need to delete and reinstall Shapr3D to correct the labels?

It will come as an update to the app

Cool. Thanks

This is what my new workspace looks likeIMG_0324

Thanks for taking the time to reply roboticshobbyist. If I rotate the cube so that ‘top’ is the correct way up then the X and Y axes become negatives.

Open a new workspace, tap on the cube and select “top”, then you’ll find the problem.

Here is a vid:

Maybe I am talking solely about the word ‘Top’ being upside down. However I think that’s relevant. Or am I being a pedant?

Thanks man. Yep, that’s what I mean - I suppose i can just flip it in my head - just seems a little disorienting and without being too emphatic ‘wrong’. Anyway…Thanks for the input.

Ah, I get it know! :slight_smile: