Switching faces of a 3D design

Hi all, new Shapr3D user, I am currently trying it, and amazed by how intuitive it looks.
As a beginner I made some kind of mistake on my first design, so that what should be the top is actually the bottom in Shapr3D. This shouldn’t be a big issue until I tried to switch to 2D : as the top is now the bottom, it’s on the “bottom” that cotations are, and they are upside down. (Or it’s the layout I must turn upside down to have cotation readable).
Is there a way to change this situation ? (switching “top” and “bottom”, or flip the cotations?)

Have a look at how I did it. I simply made a plane at the bottom, then used the align tool.

You can use any face on any other object to do that same thing. It does not have to be a plane.