Overview of measurements (for printing or pdf)?

I’ve been designing a wooden workbench in Shapr3d and now I’d like to print or export an overview of all (or a selection) of measurements to print and use as reference in my workshop.

For example: a representation/drawing of a view with dimensions.

Ideally it’d be great if more detailed dimensions show up while zooming in, and less while zooming out.

How can I do that?

(I know about the possibility of selecting something and see the dimensions below on the screen, but having to select any detail every time is tedious)

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Dimensioned drawings are coming in a few weeks:)


Are you serious?! Wow! Lucky me! Really excited and looking forward to it!!

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You kept your word!! The new drawing function is SO amazing! Thank you!!

(I am, however, saddened by the reduction of features in the price range I’m in: the previous’Pro’ tier, which is now called ‘Hobby’…)

No, the previous pro subscribers are upgraded to business.

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