Shapr3D Performance Issues on High-End Laptop

I’ve been using Shapr3D for almost three years, and I recently upgraded to a new gaming laptop with the following specs:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H with Radeon Graphics
  • RAM: 16.0 GB
  • Graphics Card: RTX 3050 TI

Despite these high-end specifications, the software is frustratingly slow. Even with the resolution set to low, simple tasks like drawing a circle are laggy. Yes, a circle—within a brand new project.

This issue is incredibly frustrating, especially considering that I’m paying for this software. With each update, the performance seems to get worse instead of better. I’m at the point where I might need to learn a new software because Shapr3D has become so poorly optimized.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues? Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could post videos to show just how bad the performance is.

Thank you for any help or insights.

Unfortunately since parametric release Shapr3D is not the same anymore. The Shapr team also does not want to talk about the issue, either ignoring it or deleting posts complaining about it. For now I have moved on to other software and cancelled my subscription. I am not losing hope though, I am sure they will sort it out at some point in time, if they do I will give them my money again.

I assume you are not using the parametric features. If you create and very long history (thiusands of steps) it might impact the performance. In that case I recommend merging the history.

I merging the history very step, but it also slow . please slove it quickly

very agree

This is simply not true. We delete toxic, destructive posts, but we never deleted a post because someone complained. Also we fixed every single performance regression that has been reported properly, with a way to reproduce the issue. Issues that have not reported can’t be fixed, and we have not improved performance issues that were present before the parametric release.

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I haven’t looked yet myself to see what the priority is set to, but you might check in Taskman. Set it to real time and check what else is running and it’s priority.

Morgan, I’ve got a gaming laptop too with 32gb ram, and the projects slow down for me too. One thing I’ve noticed is that isolating and unisolating causes a stead increase in memory usage. By monitoring task manager, I can see the memory grow from 900mb to 1.6gb just by going back and forth a few times. Unfortunately it’s hard to avoid isolating, because I can’t print, hide, unhide, export without isolating the object, so I just restart shapr to clean out the memory again.

Have you updated all your drivers? I ask because you say it’s a new PC

Been a Shapr user since day 1 and recently gave it up on my iPad Pro.
Switched to my top spec M3 Pro Mac and it´s barely useable on that machine as well. Parametric modeling ruined Shapr3D. Please can we at least be offered a rollback version until you solve your issues?

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What is the problem exactly?

It´s laggy AF. Using it with the Spacemouse is a nightmare. Mouse clicks doesnt select entire object (same issue as with the iPad pen). Before I could have thousands of objects without any issues. Now it´s like this with 50 or more…

Can you please share a design confidentially where you experience the problem? We did have some performance issues with the initial release, but since then we’ve released 4 new versions and all of them included performance fixes. At the moment we are not aware of any performance regressions compared to the previous version. Have you tried merging the history?

No something is seriously wrong with Shapr now. I have a Mac M2 Pro and a Mac M3, it used to run super smooth, after parametric it became unusable. You have to click 3 or 4 times to actually select a body, if you move around everywhere the “Zoom” popup shows it would lock up (drop frames to a freeze) and shoot you into some xyz location. I’m starting to learn Onshape now, I did not want to but I cannot do simple things in Shapr now, it is unusable for me. I design very quick prototypes that became very frustrating. I am hanging out in the forums and checking if someone has some sort of solution yet. I prefer not to have to learn new CAD software.

I said this because I posted a request feature and explained my issue but you delisted my post. Maybe you did it for another reason. I also totally understand what entails software so complex, especially working with CAD api so complex. I have been a software engineer for decades and have to deal with these unknown issues all the time. One thing is for sure, something is wrong.

We delist posts when they

  1. Violate community standards (toxic, passive aggressive, vulgar)
  2. Are duplicates

If you can’t share any specific examples, we can’t investigate the issue. We fixed every performance regression that was reported, according to our benchmarks Shapr3D is as fast or faster as it was before the parametric release when performing similar tasks. If you run into a performance issue, please report it, and we’ll fix it.

Ok I wasn’t vulgar, I guess it’s a duplicate. Ok I will see what I can do to gather some information, but do I take a video to proof the slow performance? I will monitor my memory and actually see if it is a memory leak due to isolating and un-isolating objects.

Video helps, but what helps the most is the design in .shapr format, and your computer’s specs, Shapr3D version number, and a detailed description of how to reproduce the issue.

Ok something to keep in mind, like another user reported, it can be a new project with a simple object. Shapr uses a very reasonable amount of memory during all this. But as soon as you click on a surface, as soon as the “Zoom to Selection” appears it freezes. If no surface is clicked and the info popup explaining the tool does not appear it is fine. As soon as something is those pop up the performance degrades drastically.