Parametric whatever.. sketches and solids are linked, still no threads

I just came across the fact that if you delete sketches, you also delete your solids.
Apparently it has been like that for a while, but I just found out and now I can start all over again!
I’ve been reading some comments and several people seem to agree with me, that this sucks. I just wish to keep everything nice and clean and delete the sketches that I don’t need.
On top of that, still no threads possible.
Is Shapr trying to get rid of its users? Lately you haven’t exactly improved.
You keep promising, but the only thing we get is bullsh… like parametric modeling and history based whatever. I’m still using different sofware for creating manufacturing drawings, because Shapr is too limited. You guys really need to step up your game, or I’m gone.

With the latest release with a single click you can merge your history, and delete your sketches if you want to. If you’d like to learn how parametric modeling can take your conceptual design workflow to the next level, we have prepared many new tutorials that you can find on our website, and we even had a webinar on the topic. I understand that it can be initially challenging to adapt to these changes, but you can create a dramatically more effective workflow by taking advantage of this new functionality.


What about threads ?