Removing sketches deletes/modifies bodies

After the new release of 5.590.0 (6756), deleting sketches has a critical impact on related bodies on my Mac:

  1. When removing a sketch that created a body, that body will also be deleted

  2. When removing a sketch that modified a body, that body will revert back to its previous state.

I have video examples of both scenarios, but as a new users I can’t upload to this forum. Sorry.

Is this a defect or a feature? If it’s the latter, can this be toggled off?


@Istvan thanks, this information is helpful and answers my question if it’s a defect or feature:

Please note that deleting sketches will result in all subsequent models also being deleted. You can work around this by hiding Sketches, rather than deleting them, to preserve models you want to keep.

:thinking: But I’d still like to know, can this be toggled off? Just hiding sketches isn’t a good workaround. I have designs with hundreds if not thousands of items. And as mentioned before, sometimes a quick throwaway sketch to modify an existing body is part of my workflow.

I love Shapr and appreciate you all, but give users the ability to toggle this off :frowning:


No, it’s not possible to turn of parametric modeling. Sketches are hidden automatically after you extrude them, and you can also hide them with a single click, just like deleting them.

May I suggest that you create a folder named Sketches, hide this folder, and just drag the sketches you don’t want to see into it?
This is probably the closest behavior vs previous version.

But using the parametric version for a year now in the beta program, I changed my workflow for sure but couldn’t go back without history now. I acknowledge the transition period requires additional efforts but they were worth the benefits for me.


@PEC This is exactly what I do. I got used to sketch “folders” when I started using Fusion 360. The difference is that the sketches are organized in a special folder automatically in Fusion. I wouldn’t be opposed to a similar automatic grouping in Shapr.


I dont know how to tell you this, but the hide feature is missing for me with the update. Items that were hidden before the update show the eye+/ icon to indicate they are hidden. But once I unhide them that disappears never to return. I can find no way to hide anything now. I can isolate selections. But I cant hide anything from the left sidebar. It’s nowhere to be found. I sincerely want the previous version back.

Can you share a screenshot?

You know, I wish I had taken a screenshot. I restarted the app a few times and it corrected itself. I don’t know if maybe it had to do with the project being started in a previous version and imported into the current build. But the feature was definitely broken/missing. For whatever its worth I am running shapr on a mac pro with OS Ventura 13.4.1 at the moment.

Hi Istvan
Im using the iPad and having the parts list open takes up a lot of my screen space so it’s significantly more clicks or pen taps to open the parts bar find the object, hide it and close it again where as i could just tap the delete key previously. Is there a shortcut i dont know about ? Also the parts tab seems to be buggy on the iPad now i can open it but not close it. As much as I appreciate new features it’s debilitating when they impact the workflow we are used to especially when it means your deleting chunks of your project without realising. A toggle for the feature would be nice but maybe thats not possible.

I’m using shapr3d since three years and I never used parametric software, from my point of view this is quite annoying as user experience if every time that I create a sketch I have to move it to a specific folder to just compress the list of items or give to each a name to recognise them… it would be nice to have an option when you create a new project: parametric you get the latest experience, not parametric and you get the old behaviour. That would solve the issue for me.

I’ll add my frustration with deleting sketches, as well. Allowing the user to “remove” them had a decluttering effect in the mobile environment. This one feels fundamental to the UX. I hope the reason for the change becomes more clear.