Parts are mysteriously missing

When I exited the project while offline to work on another project, and returned to the project again to load it, the part I spent two days working on was inexplicably missing. No matter how I looked for it, it just disappeared. This made me very sad. Collapse, which forced me to start spending time on this project again. It really wasted a lot of my time to produce products. Please pay attention to this issue, please.


no reply to this one? bummer. I have the same issue tonight on a file i haven’t opened in a few weeks. The last piece i built, (spent 10 hours on it) is completely gone and i have nothing left of it to show. I’m literally beside myself that i have to start it over.

I suffered a similar issue, I can’t say its the same thing but @WeBasic has implemented a simple workaround that may help. See that post on History Bug.

@HOPELESSKING , @mattcasper78, I’ve got an update from Support which should fix the disappearing parts issues, quote:

“The issue that can cause this problem is a bug in Siemens Parasolid, the underlying modeling engine of Shapr3D. The problem is that some direct modeling operations can be flaky (providing different outputs for the same inputs). To avoid this situation, we are always going to serialize the entire Parasolid session, and load it when you open the design, to guarantee that there is no feature tree evaluation is happening when you reload a design.”

“The fix is targeted for version 5.660”

“5.660: July 15th”