Pass word reset

I am very concerned and upset. As I was about to start working earlier today, I realized my account ( was logged out. I attempted several times to login and reset password only to find it is not working at all. I have a Shapr3D Pro that costed me $239.99/ year and I am on a deadline. I need my account restored so I can get back to work and I will be extremely upset if my projects are lost. By far the worst customer service. There is no phone number or immediate means to contact customer support and I have unsaved projects going on. I need answers!!!

Hello Calvin, please request the password reset from the application as shown in the screencast below:

It should work great now as I learned from our development team that this was happening due to an error from our end and it’s fixed. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.
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That is exactly. How I requested a password reset. I did not receive any email to reset my password and it’s getting out of hand.

Can you try again now?