Password Reset

I purchased a new iPad Pro and forgot my password. On the new iPad I have submitted the reset password link several times since yesterday and no link has been sent. Checked my junk/spam as well. I have the Pro Subscription, valid until March.

Is this not working?

For sure using the correct email. I looked on my old iPad and can see my email address and its the right one.



We checked on it and it should be working now. We sent you a new password reset email, please let us know whether you received it.


Nothing yet, I will give it a bit. Thanks

Nothing yet, its been about 15 minutes.

Its been well over an hour and nothing. I assume its still not working. Thanks

We suspect that the reason you are not receiving you password reset email is because it cannot be delivered to you, due to a network or ISP spam filter.

We are working on fixing your account, but until then if you register a new account, with another email address, you will be able to use the app with your purchased license.


Its, they don’t block anything, if its spam it goes to the junk folder. I also reset my forum password for here this morning and no issues.