Petals on a curved surface of gada

How do I make the petals on the curved surface of a gada? I have attached images for reference.


Start petal with a hollow sphere the desired approximate petal thickness. Then extrude/cut/new body of the petal shape from the hollow sphere?
Add details to the basic petal shape and then copy/rotate around the orb/sphere.

The other way I would try is the guided loft.

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You probably want to project the petal shape on to the sphere and then extrude it. Then refine any edges or angles on the extruded object.

See this video for an example. Just over 2 min in it shows a similar example with a lightbulb (cutting instead of extruding, but same process).

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Thank you all for your reply. I will try it out !

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Here’s a start using Project on the Sphere. The sizes and shapes are not to scale but merely show technique. I projected and extruded a petal as @Cleeder suggested. Copy-Rotated the petals and subtracted them from the sphere. I copy-rotated the set of petals on the opposite side and used Scale to enlarge one set of petals so they extend beyond the surface of the sphere.


Thank you sir

Booleans are left out of the party


That’s quite cool!

Thank you Sir.

Here are the final results!