Project body on curve face

How to make project body on curve faces to make a curve flower like this one?

I have this flower on shapr3d and i want to do like the previous photos!

you cannot bend an existing body. the trick is to use a curved body like a sphere to cut your shape out. here’s how i’d do it, you can open the screenshots by clicking on the steps:

1. switch to the front view and draw a circle and the vertical diameter (in this example r = 50mm)

2. zoom in and draw the shape of the middle part (bottom edge 3mm). you can also use an arc for the top edge if you want

3. select the face and revolve it around z axis. you can hide the body for now and make the edges construction lines because we won't use them anymore

4. switch to the top view and draw the shape of a petal. add a line in the middle first (l = 9mm), then add the top line with the angle of 22.5 degrees, add the bottom line and use the symmetry constraint, then finally add a circle and use the tangent constraint. you can also trim some lines and add two more droplet shapes with the offset edge tool (0.3mm & 3mm)

5. go back to the front plane, select one half of the circle and revolve around the z axis. then use the shell tool on the newly created sphere (1mm)

6. extrude the droplet face towards the sphere and switch to intersection

7. select the sketches of the smaller droplets and project them to the top of the newly created body

8. bevel the middle part, i just don't know how. i tried lofting, splitting the petal into smaller pieces but nothing worked for me. maybe you or someone else know the trick


9. create a pattern around the z axis, 8 petals across the 360 degrees

and voilà!

update: i think in the original example they used a different plane for the petals. i created another version where the plane is perpendicular to the radius what is the center of the circle. the downside of this method is that the edges are overlapping (just like in the original example) and preventing that would require more steps like lofting to counterbalance the curve.

using a different plane for creating the petal

and the final flower with this method:


Here is a different method than @gex used to create one petal for the flower. I started with something resembling yours, and added a mid-plane the petal sides. Then moved that plane out of the petal. That plane is parallel to the axis of your petal.

Then I sketched a rectangle and a profile to define the top and bottom surfaces of the petal. I used spline, but you could use arc… depends on what you’re after. Then I extruded to cut away parts not needed.

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Both good solutions for a complex shape :clap: