"Pointer Detected" keep showing in my design

Hi, I use iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and the screen. Everytime I pick up the pencil from iPad, “Pointer Detected” will show up and ask me to choose Mouse or Touchpad, but I don’t even have them. I tried to log out and loged in again, after the tutorial, it shows again. How can I solve this?
What’s more,the Shapr3D is 5.240 version, and the system is iPadOS 16.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Thanks for reporting the issue, we are aware of it and working on the solution.

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Fix is out, thanks for the patience!

It should reach everyone who set automatic updates on depending on the App Store, but usually in a few hours, version is 5.241.

To manually update, please follow these steps:

  1. Search for Shapr3D in the AppStore
  2. Visit the AppStore page of Shapr3D by selecting it from the search query
  3. Tap on the Update button to install the latest version.

Yes, it’s fixed. Thanks a lot.

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