Potentially Simple Feature Requests

I love using Shapr3D. It’s a great tool for me and my workflow. I have in my use seen 3 things that I would like to see that I think others would appreciate. (I use Mac primarily, not sure how these changes would affect Windows/iPad)

  1. Force object arrows/dimensions to always be within screen view (So if I was to move an object and zoom in to precisely position it. It would be helpful if the arrows/dimension stayed within view when zooming. Often times the smallest movement it wants to make is based on the grid-scale the arrows were originally selected at and not what is currently viewed.

  2. When exporting, there is an option to “Save Each 1st-Level Item Separately” I would like this option or another option that includes folder level. I oftentimes have 20-30 items that I would like to export and I would like them all to save as individual files (Stl, etc) but I don’t want to pull them out of their folder structure to top-level to do this.

  3. Better option to hide tutorials. I’ve used Shapr3d for a while now and I still get prompts in the top center of the screen for “how to use rectangles” etc. There needs to be a way to hide this. I’m aware there is a setting in the preferences menu to disable tutorial mode but that still doesn’t seem to help remove those tutorial prompts.


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