Preloaded shapes?

So is there no way to save a certain set of shapes that can be dropped while working ?
It’s really cumbersome to be drawing a cone shape every time I need one.

Is there a way to do that? Even if I have to draw a shape just once. Thank you.

Hi - this will be definitely after the release of 3.0, but most likely will be one of the bigger features soon (end of the year) released after the 3.0 launch

What we do is create a “Inventory” Project that has a selection of premade objects in it
It is exported to iCloud
In essence is used like a warehouse
Evrytime we start a new Project we Import that Inventory Project
Doing this give us a base level of consistent shapes to work from
With in that Project we also save a color pallet so we are able to keep color coding of material or dimension consistantbacross Projects
Hope this helps a bit :blush:


Thanks, that’s very helpful already. At least I don’t have to create objects several times.
Would be nice if shapr would have that build in for the very basic shapes :slight_smile:

Wondering how the inventory project is made and imported. Tut could be good

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There’s a reason why “add” button appeared amongst the main buttons in the beta version :wink: We are going to extend it with 2D/3D primitives and custom assets down the road (in 3.1 or later).


We do it by reduction!
Say you have a project you created
Duplicate it
Delete all the redundant parts so you are left with only one of everything
Organize all the objects in logical Groups for yourself
Then save that as you’re Inventory Project
Once done copy it into all of your new projects (update it as you create new objects)

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