Print STL file on Felix Pro 3D printer



Has anyone managed to print from a STL file on a Felix Pro printer? How did you do it? I can’t get it to print in millimeters.

Best regards, Niklas


Which of the four print softwares are you using? The below are the only officially supported software. It is likely a setting within the software.

  1. Simplify3D
  2. FELIXbuilder
  3. Repetier
  4. KISSlicer


The software is Simplify3D.

Best regards, Niklas


Hi, I have not seen the latest version of Simplify 3D. But there should be a preferences tab, I think it is found by going to Tools then Options and then Preferences. Select millimeters for your unit system and then reload the profile.

Please confirm, this way if it doesn’t I will do some further research to see if I can help.


That is the setting for “speed” display and not the units in the app.