Problem extruding imported sketch item will not turn yellow

Hi I’m having a problem extruding an imported file I can pick the lines and extrude but not the surface it appears to be closed but is not coming up yellow can you help or is there something I am missing/not doing
Thanks in advance Dave

Can you post a screenshot please?

Just 2 questions:

  • are you sure it is closed?
  • is it on the grid?

If yes, can you send the file to me, I would check it out, and fix it, if it is possible.

What type of file was Imported into Shapr3D?

STP, IGES and .shapr. You can read more about this here:


The link you sent refers to Exporting of files from Shapr3d

The Sketch in question was a 2d drawing.

The person said they Imported this file into Shapr3d.

In any case, STP, IGES are not 2d file formats.


No. That blog post is about export AND import. Please take a look again.

And STP and IGES can be used for 2d formats as well.

It was an iges file and it is still a mystery as to why it did not work but I did not want to waste any more of Istvans time it was easier just to draw it in Shapr3D

I am always happy to waste my time on Shapers :slight_smile:

Yes but:

The Shapr3d forum thread I responded to was titled ‘Problem extruding imported sketch item will not turn yellow’.

A sketch is a 2d file. The illustrative image was a 2d drawing sitting in Shapr3d.

My question was: ‘What type of [2d] file was Imported into Shapr3d.

I’m fairly certain that STEP and IGES are not 2d file formats.


Yes they are 3d formats. But both format can contain 2d curves.

Iges can be 2d or 3D. Yes you are right this was a 2D sketch the problem was it did not turn yellow when imported into Shapr3D so although I could pick imdividual lines and extrude them as a shell or change dimensions. I could not get the surface to turn to yellow so that I could extrude into a 3D model.Hope this helps you in some way. I suspect that the iges file was probhably not closed properly as I have been able to import other 2D sketches into Shapr3D and extrude them.