Problem with flat in 3D

Hello together,
I started using this app lately and it is really useful but also very complex. I tried to create a shape of something I want to build but now I‘m stuck. I want to ‚close‘ the surface of the object with connecting the two peaks and making two flats in the created triangles. There has to be a way to realize this I guess?

Thank you so far!

Hi, thanks for also reaching out here.

Please let me know if using the Translate feature was helpful as discussed on chat.
Here again is the short screen screen recording I tried to send to you through the chat channel:

Another workaround can be to try closing the surfaces using the Loft tool and here’s a short video on the Loft Tool:

I would be glad to further look into the issue if this does help you get the desired result.

Hi Victor,

I have a question about adding a construction plane. First, I really like the current method of creation as it is super quick. If I recall, several releases ago, one was able to create a construction plane through 3 points. As far as I can tell, this option is no longer available.

I was playing with KKittel’s need to fill in the triangle opening with a body. The addition of a plane through 3 points as I noted on the screen grab below would allow one to create a plane and then a body to complete the desired result.

Is there a way to create such a plane?

Thanks, Mike

If the marked “walls” are vertical and the and the marked corners connected, you can extrude a column based on parallelogram over the heigth of the another bodies.
After as Tiger Mike wrote you can make a construction plane with the three point. Project the triangels line to the Cp , then draw a bigger rectangle and extude.
Subtract this body from the previus body.
I hope it is help.

Hi Mike, the option to add a Construction plane through 3 points is still available in the app as shown in the video below.
Is this what you are asking about or is your question more related to how the feature works?

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Hi Victor,
I was so used to making construction planes from faces that I neglected the use of that menu.
I must have had a bad hair day, a brain cramp and a senior moment all at the same time.
Thank you for clarifying!


The Loft tool worked, thank you very much!