Project stuck on loading screen?

I was working on a project and now, whenever I try to open it (already tried resetting iPad and the app. I am up-to-date on software) I get the following frozen loading screen.

how do I recover my project?

@Jtolda Hi welcome to the Forum.

As part of ‘already tried resetting iPad and the app’ have you Powered the iPad Off and then, after a pause, Started it again?

Have you attempted to run S3D without loading the project that is causing problems?

Your input may assist if the S3D Team need to chime in on this subject.

@Gelphyn. Hi!

Yes, I tried to power off my IPad. No luck.

The other projects work just fine!

This is the biggest project…and also the one I was most recently working on.
Thanks for the reply!


How long did you leave it to load? If it won’t load after a few minutes, can you please contact

If you are running a late style iPad Pro you should be able to handle .shapr3D Files with a couple of thousand Sketches [i.e., meaning number of Lines, curved or otherwise, in the whole Design]. See:

Faster way to copy things

Older style iPads capable of running S3D will not be able to match this performance.

What size, in MB, is the problem Design?
If you can recollect, did this File take a long time to Save?
If it did this may be the answer.
Be aware that if you consider sending the File, to get help, you may have to use an On-Line Service.

Designs that you can access can be reviewed for the Number of Sketches via:

Goto Untitled%204 Items > Top left Corner > All Items - Bodies - Sketches - Planes and Axes - Images choose Sketches > Add up the Number of Sketches

It is possible that your project can be recovered using a current model iPad Pro.
The file could be split into parts so that eventually with the appropriate kit it could be reassembled ‘good as new’.

There are a few ways too accomplish this unless it has sensitive content that needs to be kept private:
S3D Team can review problem files, but IIRC, files submitted are those with problems other than being too large for the iPad in use. Problem Designs can be sent to:

However it would be polite to ask first, it is a presently busy time for them getting ready for the iPadOS release.

Alternatively you can PM me attaching the file, or placing it on DropBox or similar and send only the Link? First and foremost please consider preservation of your privacy.

Lastly if it is considered Public Knowledge you could post it in a response to this Thread.

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