Unable to load large files (1000+ items)

Recently (version 5.630 or 5.631, I’m not sure exactly when the problem started), I’m unable to load large files (1000+ items) on an iPad. The problem occurs independent of history (i.e., large files that I haven’t edited in more than a year have the problem). I’m able to load files with up to 300 or so items.

I see the same behaviour on two different iPad Pros, both an older one and a 2023 model.

When I try to load a large file, Shapr3d gets into an apparent infinite loop at the “Processing” stage. I’ve let it run for 10+ minutes without any signs of progress.


This is a followup with more details and an example file.

Hardware: iPad Pro, 11 inch, 4th gen
iPadOS: 17.5.1
Shapr3d: 5.631.0.7013

Example file: Dropbox

I am unable to load or to import the example file.

In a sample of 21 Shapr files, I’m unable to load 4 of the files. All of the files that fail to load are relatively large and complicated. However, when I created a new file with approx 200 unique items then replicated them to create 1200 objects, I was able to save and load the file (33MB) without any problem.


Please contact our support team directly. We are looking into this issue.

Thanks! I’ll follow up with support.