Projecting/drawing surfaces: beta vs public release

Attached is a video why doesn’t this work in the beta?


Hey - Offset face is no longer the primary tool in case of face selections.

When you operate in the Beta you have the Move/Rotate tool activated, not the Offset Face tool (as in the Live app).

If you want to achieve the same results as in the Live app, please select the Offset Face tool from the tool list (3 tools down)

I don’t understand why this was changed?
I have trouble working with the beta fluently because you have been used to certain things for years, this has now been changed.
I think if this is published like this there will be a lot of confusion about it.

This a beta version, so many things are not like in the live app and are especially not final. The choice of default tools is something that we are actively investigating, including gathering feedback from you. Many others have raised issues about Offset Face, so it’s definitely something that we’re considering changing.

But to answer your question and give you some background: we changed it from being the default for two reasons:

  • It was not available for the first few months when we started working on the parametric version and it stayed that way.
  • Offset Face, while it can be made to work in a parametric design process, usually results in harder-to-understand and harder-to-edit history steps than alternatives like Extrude or changing the underlying sketches.

That being said, in your case it’s clearly a lot better choice for a default than Move/Rotate.


Now I understand the reason why this is currently the case in beta.
However, I suspect that the vast majority will be confused if this is published.


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I actually like Move/Rotate to be the default. It seems that I’m more often than not doing an operation that requires moves and rotates than offsetting the face. Both can be used to reshape a solid but the results are different in some cases.

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