Quickly duplicating, arranging, locating, and repositioning objects

Does Shapr3D offer a quick way to duplicate objects (such as circular holes) and arrange them in precise X, Y, or X and Y patterns? For example, CorelDRAW includes a function (step and repeat) making it very easy to copy an object and reproduce it as many times as I want in either an X, Y, or X and Y direction. I found that I can create such patterns in CorelDRAW, export them, and import them into Shapr3D, but it would be helpful to have that functionality integrated in Shapr3D.

Related questions:

  • Is there a way to have such duplicated objects behave as an object (in the computer sense) so that, for example, changes made to one circle (etc.) propagate to the others? I understand that I can manually select each circle and impose an equal constraint in Shapr3D, but this seems needlessly laborious and functionally limited. Is there a better way?

  • CorelDRAW displays the precise X and Y coordinates of every object and makes it easy to change them, such as moving a square from X 14.338 Y -5.444 to X 17.255 Y -8.409. Furthermore, with CorelDRAW I can select one object or any group of them and move them similarly. Does Shapr3D have something similar?

PS: This is my first post on this forum and I am amazed by how clunky the user interface is. For example, (1) the panel to draft questions occupies only one-quarter of my screen, with the space to type just a fraction of that, (2) clicking on either of the options to include a bullet injects something like “* List item” without making it intuitively obvious how the list will appear, and (3) there is no preview function.

UPDATE: “List item” appeared twice in my posting (yikes!), so I manually edited it out. I was sufficiently impressed by Shapr3D that I paid for a subscription, but while the program is very impressive in many ways, it and things associated with it (such as this forum) have what strike me as having glaringly obvious flaws. My criticisms are intended constructively, to make a basically good product better, not to pointlessly disparage it.

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