I am using radian as unit of angle in my design.
Can I switch unit while typing in value of angle?

I do not think there is an option to change the unit of measure for Angles within Shapr3D.

You may find something like this useful:

Degrees to Radians:

Radians to Degrees:


I know conversion formula by hart and there is option to do it in parasolid based programs, so I thought it’s hidden feature. Well maybe this hidden feature has not been activated yet :wink:

A search for Radian reveals only this thread, certainly I have never stumbled across it here.

That probably means it is not on the Request List?

Good to see a radian person — they are more pure; lol.



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Yeah, at least give me Pi please I need to check it’s sinuses:)

But oddly enough, the info/property line in the bottom shows radians, if you select an arc.

Anybody knows if this can be changed to degrees???