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Adding the possibility to choose between Recent and Projects by default on start-up

Loving the folder management of the projects, also with the latest sorting by date or name.
But I would like to ask a radio button in settings to allow the user to display, as default, the project folder instead of the recent folder.

When opening Shapr3D, the recent folder is opening by default and in some case is not appropriate as you might have work on a project that you don’t want your client to see.

With the option I can decide which page to open when I launch Shapr.

Thanks for your amazing work !


I agree with this 100% because if you are presenting something to multiple customers you do not want them to see something that they should not that might be for other customers. Great idea.

Thank you

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Hmm, interesting idea.

Though I’m not sure it would solve the problem. You can also have projects / folder names on the Project page too, so it wouldn’t solve the issue in all cases.

Why not open the folder of the customer you are going to, and just minimise the app instead of closing it? That seems to be the safest way not to show other content.

Hi Laci,

In the project folder I can just create sub-folders which are not showing any thumbnail, only entering the folder I can see the thumbnails.

So a list of folders is way less impactful than a showcase of thumbnails.

It happens that you are surrounded and they ask you to show something you were not expected to show……

Anyway, despite the weird scenario above… I still think it could be interesting to have the option to choose.


maybe just launch the software with blank desktop and let the user choose to open the recent or the project folders… (like AutoCAD, blender for example)

Marco Borio

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I agree, there should be an option To show or clear Recent Projects.