Recolor LEGO car model

My five years old daughter finished her LEGO car model but doesn’t like the color. She likes her own color. :smile: I just began to learn Shapr3D two days ago. Why not I create the model and let her re-paint the car using this App. It sounds GREAT to her! You know, it’s impossible to let her sit beside a desktop computer quietly even for one minute, but the handy iPad Pro with Shapr3D make it true! :smile:

The original LEGO car model and the color.

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After my daughter re-paint the car with her favorite pink and other colors. The only question is I couldn’t create numbers or letters in the App. Hope it will be updated
in later version. :slight_smile:
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This is impressive for such a young person.

There is a set of letters and numbers done by a user. Perhaps someone can point you to them?




Impressive story!!! I agree with Tommy :grin:

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Thanks, Tommy! Where can I find the set of number and letters you mentioned ? :heart_eyes::yum:


Hi Kevin - here it is: Text file - ADD TEXT

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Many thanks !

Outstanding!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses: