Reducing length of a body

I have joined there two shapes together but want the arms to be much shorter. Is there a way to do this without having to do another sketch and revolve?’’…

i could also benefit from having the shorter arms taper out from the centro to the end of the shorter arms. C

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Try removing the fillet on each end. The select the end face and drag it shorter.

I cold not find which edges to select in order to undo thefillets however I found that by just lapping the triangle at the very end I could do as you say. Only problem is that with the fillets still there I cannot tape from the centre

to the edges.

I think you can delete them by selecting the faces around the triangle. You might have to do it before the resize.

Yes that works thanks ! But what I can’t do is taper the arms so it seems this might not be possible in direct modelling I thinks it is called?.

Not sure if this helps. You can taper by scaling down the end face. Note that in my example, each half are separate bodies.

This is kind of a solution for a sketch Mike, but I just wanted to slope the top part down and leave the rest the same. That is because the other part of the body is meant to follow the contour of the internal of a cylindrical body. In this way it will move away fro that body so would not work for a final 3D print check for functionality. Hope that explains and thanks very much for your input on this.

Got it. Perhaps a Subtract could work?

Revisiting Scale again. You can reposition the center point of scaling. This shows the bottom surface remaining flat.

Great idea!
I will try that later thanks Mike.
I will try to find a shrink position that leaves the constant radius of the thread untouched (the outer one that will be against the cap body). That is my challenge in making the taper.

Thanks again.