Possible to remove tiles from imported STEP?

Is it possible to combine the STEP tiles to be able to REPLACE FACE on the STEP? right now it is only possible to REPLACE FACE to one tile only.

Try using Replace Face on adjacent tiles first.

No, in Shapr3D you can’t. Based on this post and your previous posts I’m not sure if Shapr3D is the right tool for your workflow. I think your workflow requires working with mesh and surface bodies a lot, and Shapr3D is a solid modeling tool.


Köszi Istvan I feel right at home with Shapr. I solved the modelling by copying the shape. I just tried to use a good STEP I got and it worked remarkably well. The adjacent side could work as Mike mentioned thanks, will try.

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Nah Mike sadly it will only see one face also on the opposite side. Its one tile and Shapr ignores the others. Would not be a bad feature tbh.

what is the matter with the tiles? This will be tangent edges that won’t be visible in a 3D-Print or a rendering!
Accept that things are as they are - especially if they don’t really affect the results of your work.
The answer to the question that is the title of this post is: No (as Istvan already stated)!
Cheers Matt

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I get it my friend. Thanks.

Well Istvan Shapr3d allows to import Step files, and we can do more than basic operation with them which is great. To combine your solid object with an imported step the REPLACE FACE command would be a very helpful tool which not only replaces a single face if working with soldid objects. So either you allow to combine faces on the Step or you make the command work with several faces with a Step also. Well of course the third choice is you leave it as is but it would be nice if replace Face would work with everything on the platter. We are not talking STL here.

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A simple workaround is to simply move or extrude the body you wish to ‘replace face’ into the step file body and do a subtract. No need to complicate the current tool.