STEP files connect faces

Problem: Faces of a STEP file can not be combined by deleteing intersecting parts

The marked faces of the step file on the left can not be combined, the lines can not be deleted.

outcome: modify a STEP file for better use in Shapr

Without the feature: importing from other programs as STEP reduces the usability of the object. Restrictions with working with people who share objects from other programs than Shapr3d

Workflow blocker for you? Yes. For full outside CAD program compatibility a Shapr3d user should be able to use STEP files as well as Shapr3d models. STEP should not pose dead ends as STL do. STEP models should be recreated in Shapr3d because commands do not work.

This is a limitation of b-rep. Some tools are able to achieve this by fitting surfaces on multiple faces, but often the outcomes are inaccurate. Can you elaborate how this is limiting your workflow?

I guess if I have to use a workaround, it is limiting or disturbing my workflow. The workaround would be to Extrude the cube into the STEP and then Intersect and hope that intersected parts can be deleted. The shortcut replace face would be tha fast and convenient way. Somehow manageable versus nice workflow.
If find myself a lot with Shapr and STEP files as a beginner going into Shapr and thinking hopefully the commands work with the STEP file.