New Tutorials


We are slowly releasing a set of tutorials in the near future. Please have a look and let us know what type of object should we design next. We are interested general comments as well :slight_smile:

We also have a new Beginner’s course, comments on this are welcomed:


Thank you for developing these. They are excellent. The Beginner ones in particular as the demoer goes slowly and is very comprehensive.

I would appreciate a demo involving parts that make up an assembly and fit together; ideally with several levels. This should consider tolerances and other practicalities. The demo should explain the approach and show same.

And then you should have a tutorial that walks your talk: Think & Design in 3D. The bicycle helmet and auto wheel don’t show the Thinking part as they were thought up elsewhere and not in 3D. Start with ‘I have a dream…’ and go from there… Something very simple would be ideal — but entirely synthesized in s3d.



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These are a comprehensive & good tutorial !

If you are asking any other obeject for the next tutorial,
It would be nice if you can make a BOTTLE (WITH LOTS OF MOTIVES ON THE BOTTLE BODY) as well as the SCREW CAP.

Thanks !


Glad you like the tutorials! Thanks for the tutorial suggestions. We are working with CAD tutorial professionals to create more content. Stay tuned!


Thank you for the professional support !

Is there a way to sort by date so the new ones can be seen easily?
Thx TomC

Hi - You can subscribe to our youtube channel and youtube will notify you :slight_smile:

If you go here: You can see all our videos, latest uploads are always on top

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Oh, didn’t realise they were on the tube… :slight_smile: as I watched from in the app. Thx a lot.

It will be in the app soon :slight_smile: Next release will have a new educational dashboard.

The Orgon Chair tutorial by Krzystof is very well done and shows some progressive uses of the Transform tool that I might never have imagined. A tutorial on advanced uses of this command would be useful; thanks.

Also for this demo, I find the choices for Views curious. Looking at the chair from the front is Right and from a side is Back? Either this is entirely arbitrary or there is some rationale that might be explained in a tutorial?



I think that it would be worthwhile to offer a tutorial that deals with design approach and the interaction between sketches and shapes.

It seems to me that a sketch should be minimal to define an outline and that it should be Shaped ASAP so that you can use the many and powerful 3D tools. The tutorial should show the automatically created sketches done by using the 3D tools.

For example, if you do a lot of 3D work with Offsets and Insets you may be surprised to see all the new automatically created sketches. If you delete the 3D shape, the Sketch lives on and this can become confusing. So good Groups housekeeping is needed.

And some guidance on modifying sketches or the need for new sketches; that is when you have to go back to 2D to solve some problem you can’t seem to handle in 3D. And some guidance on if and when to delete sketches…

We need an expert to explain best practices.



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