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Hi there,

First, I believe that the forum should host a ‘Request for a new function’ section.

And I have such a request: I know that there are few technics that have been shown in the forum to split a shape or a volume. They are not very productive. My suggestion: include a special ‘splitting plane’ that could be used to split a shape or a volume. We need a splitting tool…




Thank you for sending in your request. We keep trying to improve Shapr3d and requests like yours are always welcome. I will pass on your request to our product and development team.

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Definitely, we really need the split bodies function, like NX-UG, we can break them up with any plane instead of deleting some part, thanks in advance.


I would love to have calculator integrated in the dimensioning tool. It’s quite inconvenient to have to use the calculator outside of Shapr3D.

Yet another feature that I may request: the possibility to search by names among the models. Now, we have to scroll and check one by one to find back a previous design…

Hello Shapr3D Team. I just started using Shapr3D in January but I now have well over a hundred hours invested on a detailed model of Fenway Park. I’ve monitored the forum and the two feature requests I would like to see most have already been posted. I hope to contribute to the case for implementing them.

  1. LINEAR (axial) SCALING - being able to scale in one dimension even if it is limited to only the three axes would be enormously useful. I’m creating the Fenway model without any dimensions to refer to. Being able to “stretch” an object would be much easier than recreating it when uniform scaling will not work.
  2. PLANAR BISECTING - dividing an object into two parts now requires a series of steps including creating a solid, copying both objects, intersecting, subtracting, hiding, and so on. I wish I could just add a construction plane and split the object in two.

If there are cool tips or tricks for working around either of these that I’m not aware of, please send those along too.


hi @Oski Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
I second having a small calculator within S3D, though would prefer for it to be available on demand [or open at all times] and positioned where best suits the situation rather than confined to anyone position.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Please give me “Boolean split” and “Texture” functions! :slight_smile:

I agree, we need a way to split solid bodies!!!

I DESPERATELY need the linear scaling function. When can we get this??? It’s a critical function of a CAD program.

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Any update on two or one axis scaling?

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