Request: Import of .obj files.

This application is the most user-friendly CAD creation program I have used. It is clean, approachable, and highly useful for the fast creation of objects, especially when said objects can be intricate designs. I have surfed some of the forums here about .obj import feature requests and I am here to push this again. Other development software for .obj files is atrocious in approachability. I have used Blender, it is a fantastic application but when using it, I long for the simplicity of your application. With a tech culture that is increasingly pushing for augmented reality and virtual reality (especially given the push from Apple with their upcoming augmented headset), I think it would be a wise venture for this application to consider adding features conducive to the editing and development of these file types that are to be used in XR applications (Apple’s baked .usdz and .obj files). Yes, this is first and foremost CAD software, but what good does it serve if it is not conducive to the development of new worlds within virtual realities? Yes, I can work around this, but I think given the future of augmented computing the least this application could do is allow imports and add minimal edit features related to file types that serve virtual environments.

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The problem with obj is the same as stl, 3mf, gltf and usdz. They are not CAD formats, but meshes.

Blender is a mesh editor, made to work with these file types. In Shapr3D, best case would be something similar to stl: boolean operation, and a few tool would maybe work with it (if the original obj file is good enough), but you wouldn’t be able to do “editing” in a way you can with Blender. Worse case, not even that, but as a reference, you would need to recreate the whole body inside Shapr.