Reset onboarding?

Is there any way to reset the app and go through onboarding again?

Edit: on the iPad

Hello, switch to your discover dashboard from the workspace by tapping the switch icon at the top of the workspace. On the discover page tap on learn at the bottom of page and you will find the same onboarding video you had after you installed the app on the learn page.

Right, but I don’t get the option to change my choices … I was just selecting random things to get through to where I could check the license status for a support ticket I had open, and now I’m stuck with that choice, it seems :’( …

To change your choices you will need to re-install the application. If you have saved designs please back them up(save them) to iCloud before uninstalling the application. Here’s also the link to our Youtube page where you can find our great tutorial videos:

OK, I tried that (deleted from the iPad, downloaded it again) - and it didn’t give me the onboarding choice selection … it does start the tutorial again, but doesn’t let me change the “personalized” tutorial selection.