Resize a generic object such as window frame

I am modelling an existing house which has many windows, which are unfortunately of different sizes, although the frame dimensions are the same. I’ve seen the video where a window is imported and added to a wall, but I cannot find any guidance on resizing to fit a particular opening. I don’t want to scale as this would alter the frame dimensions. Is this possible, or do I have to sweep the window frame profile around all the openings?

You will need to make your own windows or import standard window sizes.

Not sure if you could bisect the frame and use the “Replace Face” on an imported object.

Thanks. I ended up dividing up the window frame into top/left/right/bottom each as an object, then adjusted the length of the 2 sides (with the end removed) and stuck the end back on! Repeated to change the width. For windows with openers, I had to do the same for the opener frame. But I got there in the end :slight_smile: I did try adding constraints to the profiles for the different sections, thinking that on scale, these would not change, but they did. I have read that one cannot scale in both x & y independently, so that’s out as well!

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