Ridges on complex cactus model

In my last post i asked how to make a basic cactus and i got it! How would i add those ridges tho? Tried it for about an hour now and got it to work on the big cactus in the middle but the smaller ones right and left seem pretty hard.

How would i apply the ridges from the green pen holder to my model?

You’ll be surprised but answer is the same as previous :slight_smile:

This is done by lofting.


Thank you!
I had the same idea before you answered and was like „well I don’t have to do only circle lofts…“
Always a good feeling to figure things out myself but your answer would have saved me!

3D printed the entire thing, looks great I even made a little pot :slight_smile:


Fuzzy skin?

Yea thought it fits the print perfectly!
This the 3D model