Right-click nav stopped working

I use a wacom tablet, and have had shapr3d for a while now. It was working as expected, I’m using default navigation settings (right-click is orbit etc, and is mapped to one of my pen function keys).

Now (having changed no settings), right-click hover or click draws lines. I cannot navigate at all. My pan/tilt function button works to zoom (as it always has), but right-click on the wacom draws lines. It’s suddenly become completely unusable, and I cannot find anything that I can change to make it work again.

(I’ve updated Shapr3D using Apple App Store, I’ve restarted, I’ve force-quit wacom driver and made sure that’s all up to date. I don’t know if I’ve used this since the last Mac update, which is the only thing I can think that may have changed.)

Could you please include:

  1. The exact Shapr3D app version from the About menu
  2. The macOS version
  3. Exact Wacom device make & model and the driver version
  4. A screenshot of your Wacom settings

Also please note that at the moment we don’t support officially support Wacom tablets on macOS, though it did indeed work reasonably well, so it’s worth checking out what’s going on here, as maybe there’s a simple fix.

Hi thanks:

Shapr3d v 5.500.0 (6004) [latest available in App Store]
MacOS 14.1.1
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium PTh-660

I can’t find any driver numbers anywhere, but the Wacom centre has a driver check which it passes, and shows no updates available.

Interestingly, the Wacom site right now is bundling Shapr3D with the purchase of a new Intuos tablet, which makes this doubly intriguing:

(I’m not using a bundled version, I didn’t get that deal, and have had my tablet for a while now.)

As I said, it was working fine, but now any click (right-click or just a pen touch) starts drawing lines. No modifier keys make any difference either.

The Wacom Desktop Center application has an “Updates” section and it displays the driver version as well – if it’s fully up to date, it should be 6.3.46 or something close to that. It’d be important to get the precise version for troubleshooting purposes.

Could you also show the device & app-specific settings? Those can affect how the app works pretty severely.

The bundle with Wacom is based on the same version that you can download from the App Store or from our website, it’s in practice just a voucher code for new Shapr3D subscriptions that Wacom device buyers get as part of a sales/marketing collaboration between us.

It wasn’t displaying :slight_smile: After restarting the laptop again, it’s showing up.


I could reproduce it now – it’s indeed not working by default. We couldn’t yet pinpoint whether the thing that broke it was an update in macOS, in the Wacom drivers or in Shapr3D itself. As we don’t officially support Wacom tablets on macOS at the moment, we can’t invest much into troubleshooting it further right now. We will probably fix it eventually, but right now the best I can offer you is a workaround:

After this, you can use the button for orbiting – the only annoying side effect is that it also changes the button settings for a regular mouse as well.

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Brilliant! It works. Thank you.

I’ve made that modifier on the tablet specific to Shapr3D, so it only affects my work here.


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