Wacom Tablet and Splines

I am new to Shapr3d and I am currently testing the app on an Ipad Air which works perfectly fine and on a iMac with Wacom Intuous Pro Pen Tablet.
I am running into following problem: while the navigation with the Wacom Pen (mouse mode) is working fine (customization would be nice though) I have problems with the Spline Tool. When I try to set the points of a freeform spline, it does not work. I can set the first point, somtimes also one more point but then Shapr3d does not take any more input. I turned on gestures and thought maybe the app would recognize the pen pressure then but this also did not work. Am I doing something wrong? Did I overlook something? I would be happy for any input, thank you!

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I have the same issue with the ‘ONE by Wacom’ drawing surface.

I do most of my modelling with the pen but have to use the trackpad on my MacBook Air to do anything with splines.


Currently, Wacom devices are not officially supported on the macOS platform. As you have seen already that does not mean Shapr3D will not recognize any input from the device, but there may be some features that do not work properly.
It is on our roadmap to extend the list of supported input devices, for macOS we started with the Spacemouse which is already supported.

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