Road Map and Suggestions


I am not sure if Shapr3D would be interested in sharing the current road map or if this is confidential corporate secrets?

I am thinking if we had a new category for suggestions and people could comment on each one to allow the Shapr3D team to decide if any are valid and the ones with most positive feedback could be given priority over others?

Road Map and Suggestions could be a powerful tool to collect users thoughts on how the program could be tweaked to become even more useful.

an example might be :-

Reusable assets.
I use a USB socket group quite a lot but have to rebuild each time.
If a group could be saved and loaded into new projects it would be great.
if you can use more than one saved assets and drag them in it would be great.
It could be for larger projects that you build each part individually and then bring it altogether in one larger file.

Easy Text extrude or filleting
It would be really good if we could use text on the model and even a logo to allow the printed finished product to include a part number, version number, company logo and part name along with any copyright information.

I know that texture is coming in the next 6 months and that this is something that would interest loads of people. But other users could have some really interesting ideas to suggest and if these could be held in one place it would be great.

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