Robot Arm

Just seeing how this works with concepting and what not. Something I exported into blender for rendering and seeing how the process is from Windows. It’s a fun app to work in but I found performance not to be the greatest and a more complex robot would probably not be too fun to work on. I might be adding too many bevels possibly but at the same time I’d like to have bevels in the geometry rather than relying on the shader (not a huge deal for concepting but less control).

Anyway, that’s my feedback from using Windows. Hoping to see more updates for the app but I feel like there should be a separate Windows only license or something. I don’t see the benefit in having Mac options for Window users if they don’t use Mac and vice versa.



It’s not only mac, but iPad too, so one license works on all 3 platforms. :slight_smile:

Great work!


Thank you, I only mean that window users may only want a windows license. Just an option to think about, I don’t use iPad either although it is a popular artist tool.

It originally started as an iPad tool, then had Mac support added, then Windows. They’ve simply continued to add features and support to their tool without increasing licensing complexity or costs. Fracturing it into multiple licenses would poorly serve their goal and their users and would likely not save you anything as the prices haven’t increased each time they add features or supported systems.


Yes, I’m not asking for a complex fracturing. Just a standalone windows license for people who don’t use Ipads or Macs. It makes sense that Mac and iPad would bundle together but the Windows ecosystem is different enough that some may see it as paying for other platforms in the subscription.

It’s not that big of a deal I suppose. It was just something I was thinking about since the Windows version is really behind Mac/iPad.

There are users who use Windows desktop workstations, but still prefer the iPads to take on site/to the workshop etc. Meaning we would then need a Windows, and a Windows + iPad license, both for Business and Standard tier. At this point, it seems like an unnecessary complication.

Also note that we are working on our cloud sync service, which when used, will synchronise all designs across all platforms seamlessly. Therefore in the end it won’t matter much which platform you use, you will meet a very very similar UX and feature set.

Like I said, not that big of a deal. Maybe once all 3 platforms are at the same level than it wouldn’t be as bad to be an only windows user.

Personally, I don’t see having an addon system being too complicated. Something like “Get windows and mac for X amount and add X for iPad or just get the iPad version for X” but I can understand it also not being something to really worry about.

Mac and Ipad also have the same functionality so I guess you really wouldn’t want to treat one or the other with different costs in that sense.

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Hey @OldmanSam, our philosophy is that Shapr3D is a single product that runs on different platforms. We could’ve built a browser based product as well, but we can provide a much better customer experience with a native app. Just like Spotify or Netflix doesn’t have “iOS only” licenses, we won’t have either.

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