Subscription and two computers?

What if I have both a Windows and an IOS and want to run both?

Subscriptions work across all platforms but only on one device at the same time. Currently for mobile+desktop combination it works even in the same time, but this might change in the future.

I’d like to use it on both my Ipad Pro and my Surface Pro I just bought, no way it can run simultaneously?

At the moment you can. It would be really interesting for us to understand why you want to run it in parallel at the same time on two devices. Can you tell us a bit about your use case for this scenario?

Simply Pencil only on the Ipad(as is) and the new Surface is just a differnet game sort of, with an Orbit mouse and keyboard(shortcut access) yet still a Pen along. Two different platforms to stand on and I chose the Surface Pro now as I’ve made the decision to use Windows as well again. Modelling is one thing but … There are programs made only for Win that makes life a tad bit easier.

That’s very interesting, do you find the iPad experience that different from the Windows touch&stylus experience?

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You guys have made an extraordinary product that crowns the Ipad when it comes to efficient modelling. I waited for years for a product like Shapr3d, giving me the ability to quickly format my ideas and express them.
Still,…it is not CAD per se. I don’t model just to express, I need more than Shapr3d can give, yet I could not do without it if you keep improving at the rate you are at.

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Thank you, that’s very kind of you! But what I meant is that is the Shapr3D experience on Windows is that different from Shapr3D on iPad?

it is what it is and I like it, yet the Ipad is like using pen and paper. However, a mouse n keyboard is …
Now, everyone is different and I’d like to use both.

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But you are aware that you can use Shapr3D with pen and touch even on Windows, right?

So, … now, how can I subscribe and use both?

Yes, subscriptions are independent of the platforms. Shapr3D is a single product running on multiple paltforms.

I know, but on the Surface I have to stay logged in and I had a feeling it could lead to Shapr3d not … on two i.e…

I use pen, touch and keyboard on the Surface as I’m sure you can figure. I’m also getting a big 4k display, my neck gets tired of staring into the Ipad. Heading out and getting some in-the-moment ideas to jot down on the Ipad is as well a big Ipad advantage.

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Adding to that I can say that it would be nice to see something close to what I’ve requested before. In Win maybe a shortcut for enabling certain features like constraints and dimensions, to show/hide, by commands.
I found the Select command as well, which I was missing in IOS, although it grabbed everything unfortunately(no frame). I often move many items to simulate the intent and then I have to highlight everything individually.
Once the display is full it can be of benefit to be able to pick lines and curves easier, without going to Item to hide.

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I’m trying to understand, which is my priority in life. Now, …why would I not understand the cost of subscribing?
14 days free trial and $29 a month, or $20 and $239 a year etc…
How can that end up being $36.25 or $298.75 when going ahead? I’ve said this before; - Concentrate on …bla blablablaa

VAT or Sales Tax depending on your location.

How then can it read Including VAT in the pop-up payment window?
Before that it reads Deduct VAT by providing…
Ok, have to reconsider my plans then, thanks!

If you are buying for your company, then just enter the VAT number of your company, and if it’s possible due to international tax regulations, the VAT will be deducted.

I actually have two iPads that I use…one is smaller for travel, and the other is my larger one that’s newer.

I remember trying to run it on my Mac, and it wouldn’t let me run it at all. I think because of the OS needing to be updated. But are you saying we can either run it on iPad or Mac, but not both? Almost every paid piece of software allows you to install on two devices. Almost all of my software is installed on my laptop and desktop machines.

You can run on as many devices as you want, but at the same time only on one.