Licensing/subscription and device amount limit

While I personally think that the current pricing is very competitive and fair, I was surprised to see that the licenses/subscriptions are limited to only two (2) devices: 1 mobile (eg. iPad) and 1 desktop (eg. Mac or PC/macOS or Windows).

I don’t know what the plans are for the future, or if there’s a better way for the community to request features/changes and bring out ideas and discussions regarding any improvements, but I would love to have one (1) additional device added to each subscription plan: 1 mobile (eg. iPad), 1 desktop (eg. Mac or PC) and 1 laptop (MacBooks or Windows laptops).

While it would likely be hard to distinguish laptops from desktops from a technical perspective, what if the license simply included three (3) devices? Alternatively, one (1) mobile device and two (2) “desktop” devices?

At least in my case, I often switch between my desktop (Mac), laptop (MacBook Pro) and tablet (iPad), however currently I can only use Shapr3D on either the desktop or laptop, but never both, which seems very counter-intuitive and clumsy.

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It’s limited to one device at a time. I use several different iPads depending where I am, but can only be logged into one device at a time.


Hi @Didstopia , as @McD said. Cross device experience is important for us, and trying to make switching between devices as seamless as possible. Can you help me understand the use case when you want to use Shapr3D on two computers at the same time? We are working on improving this flow.

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Hi! I’ll admit that I wasn’t aware of it still being possible, so long as I login first. I had assumed that attempting to log in would simply tell me that I’ve reached the device limit and could not login.

In my case, I actually do not need to be able to use Shapr3D on two desktop/laptop devices at the same time, as I’d instead be switching between them, although ideally as seamlessly as possible.

When it comes to the iPad, in an ideal world I would likely be using the iPad and a desktop/laptop at the same(ish) time, but again, seamless switching between them would also work just fine.

Long story short, I believe I’ve simply misunderstood how the licensing restrictions work in practice, and while having to log in when switching between desktop and laptop is an inconvenience, it’s still a relatively minor one, so apologies for the misunderstanding. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome :slight_smile: That makes perfect sense. We will make switching between devices as seamless as possible :+1:

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Oh please do :slight_smile: I don`t mind not being able to use both devices at the same time. But the login could for sure be alot smother. A one click faceID/touch login would be a major improvement. Or just a saved loging credentials, and just click the login button.


Definitely. That’s one of the things we’d like to fix.


I ran into this today trying to airdrop a shapr3d file from an iPad to an iPad mini. Definitely not a frictionless experience, and out of character for Shapr3D

Can you just tie device usage to the iCloud id? And allow people to use your app on any device that uses the same iCloud id? There are many apps I pay for that allow me to use the app across any device that uses the same iCloud id. I am not sure what problem you are trying to solve by logging the user out. Is it because of the syncing you guys are working on?