Rotate & Align To Grid

How do you rotate an object like the hexagon in the photo below and align it to the grid without changing the shape and size of the hexagon?

Hi Jeffrey, how about using the Transform Move/Rotate feature. You can first rotate to get the angle and then use the arrows to move the hexagon towards the grid line.

I have done that before, but it doesn’t seem to be very exact. Is there a more precise way to do it?

  1. Lock the dimensions, and angles of the hexagon
  2. Create a line that aligns with the grid - Lock the line
  3. Select both the line, and one of the sides of the hexagon - Hit parallel constraint
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Awesome… It worked! Thank you so much. One more question… What is this thing I circled in the photo? I just tap it and it goes away, but doesn’t seem like anything happened.

It is called Disjoint (will be renamed to Disconnect soon)
It separates two connected/snapped geometry:

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