Rotate view constraints + Local Grid on Planes

Local grid on construction planes: Planes should have the ability to have their own grid that rotates with them. What you sketch on a construction plane does not rotate with the plane. That would aid in design.

Rotate view constraints: Make it easier to sketch on surfaces/ planes and improved navigation in general. Shift + X, Y or Z (an example) + Rt Mouse to constrain rotation axis.

Sorely lacking is the ability to constrain rotation in Shapr’s space. There is no ability to constrain any axis of rotation when rotating a model. Shift + right mouse rotation is frustratingly inadequate for changing the perspective as it cannot be constrained unless I haven’t figured out how. The nav cube is inadequate, 3D space is more than top. bottom, back, front, left and right.

In the example below I would like to rotate my top view on 1 axis only so that my slot is horizontal to ease in drawing. Trying to do that with Shift + Rt Mouse is less than optimal.