360 degree projection

How do I do a 360 degree projection around a cylinder?,

***update ***
I have worked out using the copy feature with axis in centre of object you wish to project pattern on, then do multiple copies and rotate by degrees.
Will you be implementing a pattern projection feature, that would also include automatic spacing when placing 360 degrees around an object?

You could use Transform > Rotate around Axis to Project your pattern onto a Cylinder.
At present this is a manual process but S3D makes things easy, e.g., move the pattern manually and type in the figure needed if you over or under shoot.

Hi Gelphin
Thank you for your reply, let me just get this straight in my own head lol.
If I create a sketch with 5 identical evenly spaced line sketches I could then wrap all at once using the rotate around axis, rather than doing each one separately and projecting afterwards?

May I suggest that you Duplicate your Design and try out your idea.
It is all free and experimenting in this way is a good way to learn what S3D is capable of and great fun into the bargain.