Rotating an ARC

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I need to be able to rotate the arc below, so that the end points are 90 degrees from the center. How do I do that? I have tried many ways to try and draw and arc that will mimic a corner radius on a sketch. But have failed… ideas? I get that they are 90 from the center already, but I want 90 degrees horizontally, or vertically…



If you select the arc, and close the sketch menu, you will have access to Move/Rotate tool by default, which can be used for this. In some cases, Translate tool from the More option might also be helpful/work better than simply rotating.

Is this what you are trying to achieve. I assume you wanted to rotate from the center of the arc. If you meant the XYZ center, the same approach applies.


Probably!! Let me go try it…

Another way could be to connect the center point and one end point of the arc with a line, then make the line horizontal/vertical