Rounding Corners in 2D Drawing

Greetings. New user here. I’m drawing a file to be exported to dxf which will then be cut out of sheet metal on a plasma table. So, I’m drawing in Top view only.

Can anyone tell me how to fillet the corners? I can’t figure out how to accomplish this without extruding the shape into 3D.


Welcome to the forum Steve. Round corners can be created using the arc and trim tool in the sketch menu. You can draw an arc by edge of the shape and then use the trim tool to remove unwated lines. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. Is it possible for you to provide a video showing how? On a simple square?

I was able to round one corner but can’t repeat the process consistently.


For a simple square, you can use a circle aligned to its center to make the circle edges round.

Here’s the link to a short video I made and I hope this is helpful :slight_smile: :


You rock. Thanks for the great support!

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